Craftmanship: Tailor in Naples

The most renowned and successful tailors in the world come from Naples. Here they take the time to make a tailor-made suit completely by hand. From cutting to the last ironing, 40 or more hours pass.

In 1932, Gennaro Rubinacci was one of these tailors, who at that time founded his company, the “London House”. The name derives from the love and attraction that Gennaro felt for English fabrics and from the fact that London was at that time the undisputed capital of masculine elegance. At that time he developed what is now known worldwide as the “Neapolitan style”: a jacket with a light shoulder without padding and with soft details. A jacket so light and soft that it can be folded up to eight times. Once you are in such a suit, you are probably trapped in it forever.

Today, Mariano (Gennaro’s son) runs the business, along with his own son Luca. They have spread the world of Neapolitan tailored style across the globe.